Friday, October 19, 2007

I want to be a Hemingway cat

but only after we get the FDA's claws out of their furry little lives.

Oh, and there's no leash law in Key West. The minute I set eyes on that island I knew it was an idyllic place to live.



Anonymous said...

That's not how you spell "idiotic".

You are stuck out in middle of nothing, barely above sea level, with rising sea levels, ever more powerful hurricanes, and a hundred miles of bridges to get to dryer land. I don't think so.

Hemingway lived there. He committed suicide. Did you consider that one might be related to the other?

hipparchia said...

dude, i'd kill myself if i had to live in idaho too. speaking of related to, look at how many other hemingways did the same thing.

sea level schmea level

Anonymous said...

It was probably the realization that the cats only hung around for the kibble and used his manuscripts when the litter box didn't get clean enough to suit them.

Cats are critics at heart.

There are some nice locations in Idaho - if you hate people.

Steve Bates said...

Does that account for all the short sentences?

hipparchia said...

there are even some nice locations in manhattan if you hate people.

idaho. not a lot of people there. wonder why? too much cold weather and not enough salt water, if you ask me. you'll notice the cats didn't follow hemingway there.

hipparchia said...

i like the short sentences.

Anonymous said...

Short sentences conserve commas and semicolons. They occasionally result in abuse of exclamation points. No system is perfect.

hipparchia said...