Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just shoot me now

Perhaps you were thinking that an armed society is a polite society.
No question that Republicans are outgunning Democrats in Florida this election cycle. You may or may not find this reassuring, but a growing number of Republican operatives in Florida are getting proficient with firearms. Why? Partly because if you want to campaign at Florida gun shows - and what Republican doesn't? - it's a good idea to suck up to Pasco Republican chairman Bill Bunting.

Bunting is an ardent gun rights advocate who has the gun show circuit wired in Florida and can pretty much decide which candidates are welcome and which aren't.Last week, Russell Peck, John McCain's Florida organizational director, and Nick Hansen, Mitt Romney's Tampa Bay field director, hit the gun range with Bunting in Pasco to get certified for concealed weapons permits.

Gunpoint disenfranchisement, brought to you by the party of gunpoint democracy. Armed GOP opera, indeed.


Anonymous said...

You get some private time with one of these guys, you might start hearing them talking about their expectation of a race war.

hipparchia said...


florida has 18 million people and 6 million gun owners. my city is approximately 30% black.

extrapolating [or interpolating] ---
1/3 of the people around me are black
1/3 of the people around me own guns

that race war might already be here. certainly if you listen long enough to people around here just talking in their normal everyday lives, you can too often hear overtones of a "hunker down" mentality when the subject of race comes up.