Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Are You Outraged Yet?

from the e-mail inbox [excerpts]:

AARP will profit over
4.4 Billion Dollars while
America's Seniors Suffer!

Dear [hipparchia],

On September 21st, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) sponsored a Presidential forum in Iowa focused on health care reform.


My plan would eliminate the obscene profit of 4.4 billion dollars AARP alone stands to gain over the next 7 years at the expense of the senior citizens they claim to represent.

AARP's strategic partnership with healthcare giants United Health Care and Aetna are embraced by Senators Clinton, Obama, and former Senator Edwards who are pushing plans to keep the for-profit private insurers in business and in control of your life!

This is an outrage and you should be outraged!


The health care plans of the invited candidates preserve and promote the interests of for-profit insurance and pharmaceutical companies at the expense of tens of millions of everyday Americans while the corporate media keeps America drugged with misinformation so you can't make an informed decision.

I have the prescription for a
better healthcare system for America.

Under my plan, HR 676, every American would be covered! No premiums, no deductibles, and no co-payments. No one would be denied coverage and no one will be denied services and you choose your own physicians. It's the healthcare plan America deserves and it's the only plan that reduces expenses and puts your money back in your pocket. Just think for a moment what you could you do with the money that you are now paying in deductibles or other health expenses ... save for retirement … save for education … save for a vacation. The choice really is yours! It's a healthy windfall for the people ... not the corporations.


Join me in bringing a healthy future for all of us. Together we can let the special interests and the other presidential candidates know that we will not be silenced and will not accept business as usual.

Make a contribution today! Help me be your voice and reach our fundraising goal by September 30th.

It's your America,
Dennis Kucinich


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Huh? As a senior and an AARP member I always thought AARP was non-profit! Is there no end to the plots of the international capitalist conspiracy?

hipparchia said...

they are a non-profit organization, and non-profits are allowed to make profits, i think, dpending on what they do with the "excess" money [i'm fuzzy on the rules here].

aarp does some terrific stuff for seniors, and they're a huge [and well-funded] group, so they've got clout. unfortunately they seem to be aligning that clout with the for-profit insurance industry, instead of agitating for some form of medicare-for-all.

which is just odd, given that they're so gung-ho on keeping social security alive and well [which i do approve of]. why would they endorse one proven social program, but not the other?

aarp on health care

looks like they've swung a real sweetheart deal on private insurance, which will tuen out quite well for their members if we don't get some form of "socialized medicine" in the next few years.

the problem for the rest of us [who want to kill off the for-profit insurance industry] is that it leaves us without that clout to use for our agenda.