Saturday, September 08, 2007

It's the shoes, isn't it?

Silly girl, what was she thinking?!

Better not venture out into the deserts of the Southwestern US without boots.


Steve Bates said...

Huh? Must be a grrrl thing. FTR, I don't wear boots, not even at Rodeo time. Those boots ain't made for walkin'. <very_old_song_reference />

hipparchia said...

i know that song. it's not that old.

i debated tossing out a few cryptic references vs jumping up on one of my soapboxes and getting all huffy and wordy over the multiple layers of anti-feminism in this story.

i opted for cryptic.

Steve Bates said...


I hadn't seen the video, and didn't know of the story.

Now it makes sense.

Bryan said...

This is so stupid, but then I actually flew on Southwest in 1970s as it covered a lot of military bases out West.

If they keep it up they won't be profitable for long.

If you have some mythical policy, you don't invoke it on the aircraft - that's what the gate agents are for. This is just stupid, the airline management needs to get involved and defuse it before it costs them a whole lot of money.

hipparchia said...

i opted for short, pictorial, and cryptic because the original post kept getting longer, wordier, and more incoherent. plus, i could no longer see around around the flecks of foam i was spitting onto the monitor and keyboard.

even *i* can remember this far back.

hipparchia said...

it's stupid and hypocritical of southwest airline to not have apologized immediately and profusely.

[and funny :-) that you should be commenting here just as i was tracking down your comment at whig's blog]

i can also remember that when southwest first had their flight attendants wearing minskirts and hot pants, the de facto dress code for flying was that you needn't wear your [conservative] sunday best on the plane, but you were expected to come awful darn close to it.