Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Life is short. Play with your food.

eeeuuuuwww. what is it?
here, let big brother show you how it's done.
tonight's final tally: 5 kittens and a mom cat.
Six kittens is a lot. Once the thundering herd came out from under the bed and invaded the rest of the space, I started supplementing mom cat's efforts with dishes of kitten formula a couple of times a day. Most of the time, I only got two or three customers, mother's milk is always bestest y'know, and oh! the cleanup after drinking out of a saucer!

Tonight was the first solid food, dry food soaked in warm water, mashed well, and mixed with the last of the kitten formula. Most popular offering yet. Should have done this sooner.

In other news, the library has [partly] moved to the kitchen. I'd been wondering where the little stinkers were disappearing. Turns out, they can fit in the spaces under the cabinets and behind the toe kick. This would be ok, except that I can't tell for sure if they're staying under the cabinets. All I need is for them to get into the walls too, and try as I might, I couldn't see that far back under the cabinets. If I can't figure out what they're up to, they don't get to continue doing it.

What to block the spaces with? Murder mysteries to the rescue! Paperback books are just the right size to stuff under the cabinets, and just squishable enough to pack tightly in place. At least now the library floor is picked up, even if the kitchen looks a bit more ... colorful.

This is the nightly cat-baiting, in the transplanted library. Tonight I'm tossing bits of jerky around the floor for them to chase. Or tossing bits of jerky down onto their heads. The well-socialized cat should be prepared for anything, including manna from heaven, or the sky falling, whichever comes first.

Last night's pursuit didn't lend itself to picture-taking, but it sure was cute. I waited for a cat to look me in the eye before dropping a treat in front of the first cat that looked. Patches almost-cat caught onto this game faster than the others and tonight she was watching me like a hawk.


Steve Bates said...

What fun! Just put up a sign in the kitchen labeling it a "branch library" and you're set... you already have six patrons, and they look pretty enthusiastic to me.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I envy you the joy, the problem solving, and even the work of that little herd of kittens!

hipparchia said...

you're absolutely right about the joy, nick, including the problem solving [though i sometimes have to remind myself of the joy part when it comes time to clean out the litter boxes].

hipparchia said...

and issue them little tiny library cards...

i'm planning to hold a friends of the library book sale once the little hobgoblins get too big to wedge themselves into the spaces behind the "stacks."

Bryan said...

Good move. I have a wall in the bathroom I have to patch after cutting out an escape hatch. The troubling part is that I haven't discovered how he got into the wall in the first place.

If the cabinets have backs on them, I'll almost guarantee that there's no wallboard on the studs. You find that in half the construction on the Panhandle.

Steve Bates said...

"If the cabinets have backs on them, ..." - Bryan

No, no, Bryan; it's not the Cabinet; it's the Democratic Congress that doesn't have a spine. What? Oh. That's completely different. <emily_litella> Never mind! </emily_litella>

[yyswl - yes, yes, shove W leftward]

hipparchia said...

i so miss gilda.

if you haven't got a spine, are you more in need, or less, of someone to watch your back?

hipparchia said...

my cabinets have got backs and i didn't know this little quirk about the local construction habits. thanks for the warning.

i also had no clue about the hideout until kittens started pouring out of the woodwork like bats from under the bridge. until that point, i was sure they were hiding under/behind the sofa.

Steve Bates said...

Easily Distracted Steve thanks you for the link to the bat site. The Congress Ave. Bridge is cool in real life, though I've never been there at the right time of evening for the big show. I must find an excuse to go.

If you haven't got a spine, perhaps you need the services of a bookbinder?

hipparchia said...

an excuse to go: you really should see them. one day, i'd really like to take the self-guided morsel institute tour of austin.