Saturday, September 29, 2007

This is your candidate

This is your candidate on health care, just in caase you wanted to see if anything has changed since you last looked.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

After reading all of the proposals, I much prefer that of Dennis Kucinich, although I know little or nothing about him and his stance on other issues. His words ring out a truth that had been seldom said:

“It's time we ended this thought that health care is a privilege. It is a basic right, and it's time to end this control that insurance companies have not only over health care but over our political system. I'm talking about a real deal for the American people, a universal single-payer not-for-profit Medicare for all.

hipparchia said...

kucinich is the progressive's progressive. i think you'll like his views on the other important issues too.

Catnapping said...

Kucinich, absolutely. Healthcare should never be about profit. That's just plain immoral (in my ever humble opinion).

whig said...

Kucinich's view is closest to mine. I don't want shock treatment though. I think Medicare should be available to everyone without a premium, and all you should have to do is sign up for it and it's yours, but you could keep your present plan if it continues to exist and offer you satisfactory coverage.

hipparchia said...


that's the simplest, most logical, most sensible way to go, and that's the way i'd so it if i were king of the world.

do all of the other candidates really believe that forcing 300 million of us to buy for-profit insurance is going to lower costs or improve care? i would hate to think they're that stupid.

i'd almost rather believe they're spineless wimps who are just knuckling under to lobbyists with more money than the rest of us have.

on that note, hillary clinton's remark about accepting money from lobbyists because they're just regular folks like nurses and teachers... is she really that stupid? regular folks don't have the kind of money it takes to hire the fatcat lobbyists who are donating to her campaign.

hipparchia said...


i'm with you, but i was willing to pay the insurance companies a reasonable profit in exchange for the product i thought i was paying them for.

turns out, their idea of reasonable profit and their idea of what i was paying for were quite quite different. fucking robber barons.