Friday, September 14, 2007

My new favorite blog


Not just because I too want a pony [h/t] but also for The Web's Golden Bounty, a collection of links to surf for. The bounty includes [but is not limited to]:

No-Knead Bread from Jaden's Steamy Kitchen [I've had a link to this blog in my sidebar for some time now]

Milking the Lizard brought to you by Coturnix, whose other mission in life is the Online Community Manager at PLoS-ONE (Public Library of Science). My job is to try to motivate you to comment on the papers there. [I've got a link to PLoS in my sidebar too]

Also via Coturnix, if you're alert enough, you might win a trip to the the greatest science city in the world.

Crappy Graphs! which is really just way too much fun, not crappy at all. If I ever use that site to make a real graph maybe you'll get to see it. Meanwhile, you can do what I did, which was to draw a bunch of crappy graphs and then refrain from hitting Submit.


Keifus said...

I alreadly live in driving distance to one of 'em. Maybe I could just get someone to watch to watch teh kids?

That graph thing looks too seductive. Once, I arranged the whole pile of crap I had to read on a scatter plot of interesting vs. important (the person who had the office before me had a grid of paper racks on the wall), and then proceeded to read precisely none of it.

ubchtzr: ubiquitous chortling hosers (eh?)

hipparchia said...

it is seductive. try to refrain from hitting submit.

i've found that a lot of things, professional reading especially, take care of them selves if you just ignore them long enough. the trick of course, is recognizing which things can be safely ignored.

oops. i voted for the other one. you'll have to take the kids with you.

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