Monday, September 10, 2007

Mmmmm ... tastes like chicken

gobble it up, kiddoes. after this week it's all gonna be dry food.


Steve Bates said...

Cute! Can you tell them apart? Have you named them?

(It's Tuesday wee hours, and my [expletive deleted] blog is still not up...)

hipparchia said...

cool! we can be a matched set. this one is supposedly going down for maintenace in a little while too, although presumably for only 10 minutes or so.

haven't named them, can tell them all apart only if all 6 are in one place.

a couple of them are are fairly distinguishable, if they're awake and not zooming around the place too fast. otherwise they're just all little balls of fluff.

Steve Bates said...

Yes, but they're such cuuute little balls of fluff!

FTR, today (Tues.) I'm blogging at the YDD Annex until further notice. The YDD is visible now, but I cannot yet post to it. It's always something!

ellroon said...

Hide them well when Halloween comes around.

Did you see the four kittens and a box video? (second video obviously). Is your house like that?

Bryan said...

As they say Ellroon - whenever two or more gather together...there is chaos.

I just wet the kibble, mine didn't get real wet until they were old enough to fight the big cats for it.

hipparchia said...


my house isn't that clean, but yes, otherwise it looks a lot like that. cute video! thanks for posting it.


these little guys are getting dry food with warm water poured over it and even that i hate the smell of. nobody gets canned food around here except for the very occasional bribe.


they're absolutely adorable little balls of fluff.