Wednesday, October 24, 2007

30 days to save the mountains

and tons of other good eco-links for your consumption.


Steve Bates said...

Sigh. That song is soooo evocative for me of a time almost 40 years ago, in which I heard it sung by a local singer who was good enough to do credit to the tradition of John Prine. The impact it made on me is such that I remembered all the words to the refrain on hearing it tonight, four decades later. Hell, I recognized the song from the intro before the vocal.

Has everyone seen a removed mountaintop? how about a clearcut mountaintop? I've seen one of each at different times; they're a disturbing sight... more so when you think of the environmental hazards of possibly resuming the widespread use of coal as a fuel.

Thanks for the reminder and the links. I'll do what I can.

Steve Bates said...

(Correction: "almost 40 years ago" may be stretching it; that's what happens to aging memories like mine. Apparently the album on which it appears came out in 1971.)

hipparchia said...

36 is close enough to almost 40.


hipparchia said...

i've only seen photos. yes, this is what we're in for if we expand our dependence on coal.

also, i've only been reading about it at invest now and make a killing!! advertisement sites so far, so i'm not vouching for the truth of it, but apparently there's a fair amount of oil shale mining like this either happening now [alberta tar sands? i don't have confirmation of it yet] or could happen in the u.s. rockies soon