Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Barack HUSSEIN !!! Obama

There's a group of folks I hang out with, conservatives all of them, some of them ultra, some of them only moderately so, and why they like hanging out with me is a bit of a mystery. Probably it's the occasional far left talking point that I toss out, just to keep things lively.

So there we all were, calmly [yes, really] discussing something political, when whatever I said [and I don't remember what it was] caused them all to turn and shout at me: Barack HUSSEIN Obama! emphasizing the Hussein especially.

Which then, and still, makes me chuckle, as not a single one of them even noticed they were saying this to someone whose name is just as Semitic, and damn near as popular in the Middle East, as Hussein.

However, if it makes you feel any better [it does me], almost every single one of them swore they'd vote for either Hillary or Hussein before they'd vote for John McCain. There might be a ray of hope for us after all.

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