Sunday, March 09, 2008


This guy has way too much patience with these dunder heads. Even so, I really like him. Hansen's Bulldog / Tamino, that is, not St Mac.

I was particularly curious about who who Steve McIntyre is and why he's got such a bug up his nose about Glowball Warming.

Who paid for your research?

We have neither sought nor received funding for this work. For McKitrick, undertaking the project has required considerable time away from his own economics research. For McIntyre, undertaking this project has required an unpaid leave of absence from his career in mineral exploration financing, at the cost of over a year’s foregone earnings so far.

Mineral exploration financing? Worked for an oil company perhaps? Because this would be a perfectly adequate description of a handful of the mid-level oil company execs I've known.

I actually don't care enough about his provenance to verify my conjecture, since basically it looks like Climate Audit is just another dude[s] who knows something about money thinking he also knows something about science. Engineering quality explanations wanted indeed.

Anyways, new favorite blog = Open Mind. Also, maribo.

Otoh, somebody deserves recognition for their twisted sense of humor. Do like.

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