Thursday, March 27, 2008

If elected to office

I promise to install a qualified cabinet.


Anonymous said...

Oh, no - they are big enough to leap!

They look as qualified as any of the people who have done the job lately.

Steve Bates said...

I notice your cats go beyond an open-door policy to a door-off-the-hinges policy.

(We need to start a blog called Cats On Shelves... if there isn't one already.)

hipparchia said...

it's not as bad as it looks, steve, the doors are a different color from the rest of the cabinet.

cats on shelves

hipparchia said...

big enough to leap, and despite the lack of opposable thumbs, they're also dexterous enough to re-arrange the glassware, which i rescued and moved to another cabinet. i'm in trouble if they decide they that one too.

i haven't formally checked, but they might also be smart enough to reset all the clocks.

Steve Bates said...

Ah, now I see the doors.

Thanks for the link to "cats on shelves"; those cats are charming. (That "Ken Burns effect" of zooming the pics is a bit hard on the stomach, but I wish I knew how they do it. I presume it's a feature of that photo web site.)

Unknown said...

I truly like the looks of your cabinet! Both Alex and I will vote for you and the kitties.

hipparchia said...

and you can be sure that we'd try our darnedest to represent y'all too, nick.

i'd seen that photo site before, steve, but haven't spent much time figuring it out. but i agree, those cats are the epitome of charming.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... I don't think it would work, sorry. They look too intelligent for a start. Though, they do seem to have the typical Gov Administration work ethic down pat. LOL Might have to paint a couple of them white to have a real chance at being elected anyway. Just sayin... ;) LOL

But, too intelligent! They wouldn't take the job!


hipparchia said...

heya, kryten!

guess i'll just have to blackmail the reluctant ones into accepting. otoh, they're all smart enough to recognize a cushy opportunity when it presents itself.

Anonymous said...

Hey hipparchia! :D

Ya know... when you put it that way... yeah, a cat would... ummm... sleep at the chance! (almost said jump). LOL

Sorry, been lurkin here for a bit... been meaning to leave a comment on a few of the posts you've made! :D Didn't want to hijack your blog too but! LOL

I know this one is an *old* post, But i couldn't resist commenting on it! And BTW, I like cat's a lot, and they seem to like me... which is not *always* a good thing! ;)

You and Bryan run nice blogs! I like them. Thanks for keeping us entertained and informed. Being an ex-blogger who finally got overloaded and exhausted, I know how tough it can be. :)