Sunday, March 30, 2008

Have some bobolinks

with your coffee and bananas.


Steve Bates said...

A tiny, trendy bird-related shop near my PO Box carried Song Bird Coffee, and for a number of years I drank their Costa Rican coffee most mornings. Then the tiny, trendy shop went out of business, after surviving more than five years. Now I drink mostly allegro (sic, lowercase initial rather like "hipparchia") sold at Whole Foods. At the moment, there's a bag of Peet's French Roast in the pantry; many of their coffees are shade-grown, but I'm not sure about this one. Well, all of that was TMI, but there are some good sources if one looks around.

Archaeopteryx said...

You know I love the birdies, and, not being a coffee drinker myself, I appreciate so much everything that people do to help them.

But I read this and despair. I can recycle bags and cans from now until I die, and not undo the damage done to the birds--and everything else--by one day's use of ethanol.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to start drinking heavily. And not coffee, either.

hipparchia said...

way cool, steve, and stuff like that is never tmi, if you ask me.

hipparchia said...

i know what you mean, arch, that's kind of how i felt when i read that article. you'll be drinking vodka made from potatoes, right? ;-)