Monday, March 10, 2008


No, not Ginsberg's Howl this time. It's just that the hyenas are back, and while Revkin mostly gets it right, still it appears the NYT is trying to give them "fair and balanced" coverage.

A word of advice to the editors [yeah, riiight, like the big guys really read me] --- fair and balanced coverage would be pointing out when people are either too stupid to do science or they are are smart enough but are using their scientific credentials to lie to you.

A vigorous public debate on the costs and values of cutting carbon dioxide emissions vs the costs and values of not cutting carbon dioxides emissions deserves equal coverage of both sides, and lots of it. And it's a debate I'd like to see more of. But that's not what these people are actually debating.

Pseudoscience deserves plenty of coverage too, but only to point out the snake oil that it is, and to warn people away from it. Snake oil, in fact, might possibly be better for you.

addendum: revkin provides a cool link [pdf] in comments on one of his blog posts.


Keifus said...

Looks like that UConn guy was one of the speakers. Confession: I did buy his book (too much wine, and cashed out my Amazon cart), will read it eventually and comment. It's short.

Reading another review (NYT guy linked to it), it looks like a number of big stretches (it's the sun! it's not so bad! it's urbanization not CO2!), while trying not to think about the elephantine quantity of carbon in the living room and everywhere else but a condensed phase.

K (Did that sentence make sense?)

hipparchia said...

i never mix alcohol and otherwise 2000 books would only be a start, and not all of them would be worthwhile purchases either, i fear.

unfortunately that last sentence did make sense, which is bad, because i think it might not be in english. but back on topic, yep.

Steve Bates said...

Re: that Cheezburger link... yikes! I just watched a nighttime Shuttle launch; it went smoothly, but I've already had my heart-in-throat moment for the evening!

Re: the "yep" link... I have finally gotten to the point at which I can walk around a big-box bookstore for a couple of hours and walk out with nothing. Necessity is a mother, ain't it. And I visit Amazon only with specific intent to buy something I've already decided on, usually either a professional technical book (their prices are frequently quite good, even counting shipping) or a gift. My personal library has been built mostly by trips to the chain called Half Price Books, which started in Waco and covers much of Texas, including several stores in Houston. A lot of their stuff is actually less than half price. Other than those professional necessities or inexpensive indulgences, it's the public library for me these days.

hipparchia said...

confession: probably the only reason i've made it this far without breaking my new years resolution is because my favorite used books store closed down. there was a time for a while there that i was buying almost enough of that store's inventory to open my own store.