Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cheney may be a waste of time,

but protecting the Constitution is not.

The point of impeachement, Rachel Maddow tells us, is not to punish the officeholder, Cheney in this case. The point of impeachment is to protect the office and the powers that are granted to that office by the Constitution.

Who do we get if we get rid of Cheney? Vice President Giuliani? Vice President Romney? Distinct possibilities, but it's the price we'll have to pay if we're going to stand up for the Constitution. Hell, we may even end up with Vice President Jeb Bush. Talk about your dynasties.

The Republicans stand to benefit if Cheney is removed from office, because his replacement will have the advantage of being an incumbent in the Presidential election, and this will also be part of the price we pay in defending the Constitution. So, in the spirit of opposition research, I offer you this, Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution interviews Jeb Bush.

Two things that Jeb gets right: Florida truly is the East Coast version of the Wild West, and you really can't be a Libertarian if you're a libertine. Because, like, y'know, if you're busy indulging in sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll, the Robber Barons are going to have a hard time exploiting your Puritan work ethic to make them rich.

Do not believe anything they're saying about putative improvements in Florida's schools.


Anonymous said...

Okaloosa County has A+, really...I mean it...stop, they can't add two double digit numbers, but most of the students can count, and they can read fast food menus almost as well as the FCAT test...stop laughing!

hipparchia said...

snort... giggle giggle... choke... gasp