Sunday, November 11, 2007

Judgment Day

On Nov 13, Nova will be airing a re-enactment of Kitzmiller v. Dover, the trial that exposed [Un]Intelligent Design as Creationism wrapped up in the fine feathers of [pseudo]science. Interesting factoid: the judge in the case, who sounds like a pretty smart dude, was appointed by Dubya.

I think I'll skip the TV show and read some more of the blog, which is geeky to the max on paleoanthropology, genetics, and evolution, but ya gotta wonder about somebody whose only non-science blogroll entry is Ann Althouse.


Steve Bates said...

I'm waiting for a religion that introduces the concept of Bad Judgment Day...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps s/he is a libertarian and is under the impression that so is Althouse. They might be friends from college or s/he uses Ann an example of what happens if you don't evolve. [/snark]

Everyone's entitled to be weird until it is outlawed by the Hedgemony.

How about Non-judgment Day, I seem to remember that being mentioned by someone in the Gospels.

hipparchia said...

he's an anthropologist and lord knows her blog, and all her commenters, is an anthropology gold mine. or lead mine.

irl, they're both professors at the same school, so it's probably that's all it is.

judgment schumdgment. nova's the one that picked the title judgment day. i just copied it. no need to evolve your own strategy when you can co-opt someone else's.