Thursday, November 01, 2007


Oreo economics


Unknown said...

Thnaks! I had been a member of True Majority Action and receiving their emails until my computer crashed and my email address changed. Now I’m back as a member and on the mailing list. If you hadn’t posted that link, I’d still be without them.

hipparchia said...

cool! you [and alex] are most welcome.

PoliShifter said...

great vid!

Emailing it off to friends and family.

I like the pie chart Ben&Jerry did not too long ago as well.

It's the biggest myth of all time being perpetuated on the American People that we need to spend more money on the military than all over countries in the world combined in order to be safe.

Of course it's all really about laundering tax payer dollars into the military industrial complex which heavily lobbies Congress and the Executive Branch.

I believe we can have a strong defense even if we cut the military budget in half.

We wasted trillions on star wars and other boondoggle defense projects. If we spent our money wisely we could have a well equiped military as well as provide for edcuation and healthcare for kids.

The sad reality is what Republicans and Conservatives have wanted to do, what they started under Reagan and continue under Bush, is to spend the U.S. Government into near bankruptcy so there is no money left over for social programs.

Their goal is to break government. They would rather have the entire budget go the military and to service the debt which is where we are headed. We spend $400 billion a year alone just to pay interest on the national debt.

For Conservatives it's a dream come true. They want to scrap the Dept of Education, Social Security, FEMA, EPA, Head Start, Medicare etc etc and place all those services into the hands of private corporations.

That's where we are headed unless we can do something soon to stop the maddness.

hipparchia said...

you are absolutely correct, on all those points.

cutting the pentagon budget in half would be an excellent start. i'd much rather feed, educate, and care for poor kids than build pain rays and star wars gadgets.