Thursday, November 22, 2007


One of the great things about living here in almost-Alabama is that Thanksgiving day is warm enough for me to walk along the beach barefoot, but cool enough for the fluffy black dog to race around like a maniac. Some day I may even actually succeed at getting a good photo of a racing maniac.


ellroon said...

That first shot is really nice with the pinkish sand and the green-gray water and the happy brown dog. Nice composition!

And Happy post-Turkey day to you and yours, Hipparchia!

hipparchia said...

thanks, ellroon! same to you,

i liked the colors here too, but it's tough to photograph a running dog, especially this one. in the 2nd photo, he's playing his favorite game, a version of chicken, where he runs at me full speed, doing his best cujo impression, then swerves around me at the last second.

Keifus said...

At work, the monitor's exceptionally dim. At home, I don't usually have the patience for the photos (and worse, videos) to load.

So belatedly, these are lovely photos. No, you didn't quite capture big dog energy, but like ellroon said, the colors are gorgeous.

hipparchia said...


and i appreciate your patience with the photos and videos too.