Saturday, November 03, 2007

Kittens for Krugman

I know, I said I wasn't going to buy any more books, but then I read this review.

Update: Paul Krugman has crossed over to the Dark Side. He's cat blogging. Cool.


Unknown said...

Yep. I heard about it and plan to buy it myself. How could we not?

Catnapping said...

I'm sold! And I must say, I'm pleased that you're raisin' those kitties up right!

Catnapping said...

by da vay, i haf gotten offen mine assen ant addet you tuu mine blogrolllll.

hipparchia said...


ur a sweetheartz. me, i sometimes take a stab at maintaining mine, but blogrolllllz are the new tribbbbblez.

as for the kittens, how could i not?

hipparchia said...


i had made a vow to pretty much not buy anything beyond food, medicines, cat litter, and replacement socks and underwear when the holes got too noticeable. and books, i need more books like i need more cats.

still, like you say, how could we not? i've been slowly giving away a lot of the books, and i'm considering donating this one to the library when i finish reading it.

Steve Bates said...

Am I correct that this is your first pic of the dog online, or is it only the first since I became your devoted reader? A fine-looking critter, either way!

I began reading COAL (Krugman uses the abbreviation himself) when it first came out, when I was sitting in a bookstore, waiting for a friend. I stole, um, previewed about a chapter and a half in the time available, and found it contained a few insights I had never thought of. (Duh!) I look forward to reading the whole thing legitimately. The local library has finally ordered it, but I may not be able to wait that long. Feel free to post quotes. :)

hipparchia said...

i've seriously considered posting selected quotes from coal. it may yet happen.

the dog is shy, and only shows up in two other posts [both under feral blogging]

helpful dog
chastened dog