Thursday, November 01, 2007

Kids these days...

They're such activists.

Child Labor Eduaction and Action project
The World Can't Wait
Education Justice Campaign
Humans Out Promoting Empathy [I didn't find a website for HOPE, but here is his issue]
Peace Takes Courage



PoliShifter said...

That's an interesting video on Nick

I had no idea these young kids were more active than college students or adults.

To think Friedman wrote an article a couple of weeks lamenting how today's youth are not engaged.

I guess he was just looking in the wrong place.

hipparchia said...

friedman was looking in the wrong places.

in all fairness i'll add that i think this level of engagement is probably rare, especially at such young ages, whether we're talking about today or "back when we were kids."

like these kids, i became an activist at a fairly young age, and so were several of my friends. but i can't say that a lot of kids around me were. i probably would not have been either, if my parents hadn't been activists themselves, and encouraged it in their kids.

if friedman wants more kids to be more engaged, he should be doing two things: serving as a role model or mentor for would-be activist kids, and writing positive articles about kids who are doing stuff like this.

one of the things that friedman is ignoring [or perhaps too stupid to realize] is that only no matter what the age, the generation, the issue, the task at hand, in any organization/team/grouping there's always just a small core group that does most of the work. the rest just chip in occasionally when they can.

i was pretty sure there were kids doing stuff like this, regardless of what the whiners and naysayers might be saying, but still, it was heartening to have proof.

Unknown said...

It’s about time. I was beginning to that that activists were dying out with old dudes like me.

hipparchia said...

nope. they're alive and kicking.

now, if we can just keep the world all in one piece long enough to hand it over to them, it'll be in good hands.