Saturday, November 17, 2007



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Keifus said...

High school.


hipparchia said...

i've been doing a fair amount of c&p lately, so probably i can't take any credit for whatever rating i get.

iirc, you beat on evil.

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Archaeopteryx said...

Ha! Genius! This is obviously infallible. I am so smart! S-m-r-t!

I note that Slate is "High School," and CNN is "Junior High School."

Steve Bates said...

Junior high school. I'm neither surprised nor offended. My blog is a political and social outlet, not an intellectual effort. And yes, all the copy-paste from online newspapers, which are IIRC intentionally written to 7th-grade level, probably reinforces the score.

Anonymous said...

high school. I am both surprised and offended

ellroon said...

Ooo!Congrats, Hiparchia!

I'll blame my college score on the copy and paste! I'll have to start copying higher level clippings....

hipparchia said...

ellroon: i'm truly baffled by their system, if it's rating my blog as genius. i'm only wildly guessing that it's all the c&p i've done lately.

august! your surprises me too. and since you're one of my favorite writers, i'm a bit offended by the implication that makes about my reading level. oh well, the kittens, in dismantling my bookcases, have revealed my fluffy tastes in literachur. sigh.

steve: taking on the mainstream press on politics is a thankless job, and i thank [the god of your choice] that somebody who isn't me is doing it. junior high seems just the right rating for both politicos and the msm.

arch: who knew birdbrains could be so s-m-r-t?