Friday, November 16, 2007

New favorite blog

Wreck & Salvage

Some classics, revisited:


Steve Bates said...

I never metamorphosis I didn't like.

Metamorphosis is positively strange. Dueling Banjos isn't strange, but the sense of nausea from the constantly fluctuating tonal center makes me think I probably won't watch it again. I spent enough years getting sick listening to students...

hipparchia said...

yeah, but how about a morphobro?

the metamorphosis video left me feeling discombobulated for sure. it's been years since i've read kafka's version, but on reflection, i think the original story had about the same effect on me.

as for dueling banjos, i positively reveled in the tonal mashup here. i played that clip several times in succession. then again, i was the music student from hell, on a variety of instruments.