Thursday, August 16, 2007

Closing a loophole opened the floodgates

Dan, of Pruning Shears:

No conservatives have the courage to say the changes wrapped a tiny loophole change (foreign-to-foreign communications that pass through American infrastructure) up with enormous and unconstitutional executive power grabs. Some argue FISA itself is the problem, conveniently ignoring the alternative enforcement mechanism - Congressional oversight - can be neglected by the legislature or contemptuously ignored by the executive. (If nothing else Bush has demonstrated the value of bureaucracy: It forces process and documentation.) The current crisis can be laid at the feet of both the left and the right - I’ll get to liberals next week - but conservatives bear a larger share of the blame. Their uniform blind obedience has been the primary enabler of tyranny’s lengthening shadow.

the rest of the essay on conservative betrayal


Anonymous said...

If this article is right, it's disgusting. Why the Dems couldn't fix the problems with the FISA court in a straightforward manner is beyond me. If nothing else, their blank check to a clearly crooked Attorney General is nonsensical.

I know Lithwick already went off on this, but every time I see mention, I get mad.

ztnvtpwl -- I'm stumped. Zits: never teeth, pull, wiggle, or lick?

It's august, by the way

hipparchia said...

hey, august! i wondered who the anonymus coward was. :-)

[that one's a toughie alright. when i'm stumped, i just fly with something barely tangential. hmmm... zapatistas never pwned? otoh, sometimes i just pretend the game doesn't exist]

i'm with you. i've been a registered democrat since the day i turned 18, but these people make me want to go eat snails. alive. shell and all. and then go join ioz' camp.

i'm planning to stay a democrat till after the dog and pony show, but i may have to turn independent after that.