Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dear Fraser Institute:

This is how you report on drug pricing. I've cherry-picked just the one table [above] from the report, but you'll note that the VA, which negotiates with Big Pharma, gets substantially lower prices on some very pricey drugs, while Medicare, which does not negotiate anything, pays through the nose.

The Bush administration has once again successfully defended the rights of the poor beleaguered drug companies from those predators, the patients.

Oh, wait... I may have the predators confused with the prey, which is easy enough to do in our current only-huge-multinational-corporations-can-has-welfare climate. Fortunately there's this report The Choice: Health Care for People or Drug Industry Profits to help clear up a muddied picture. Some cherry-picked tables for you, on just exactly where Big Pharma chose to spend those billions of dollars that we shelled out in 2004:

I had another anti-Fraser Institute post planned for tonight, but fortunately Cliff dropped by in the comments below and saved me from myself. If you missed it, he links to a couple of his blog posts rich in keeping an eye on the opposition so hipparchia doesn't have to Fraser Institute debunking.

The Masters of Mendacity

The Fraser Institute's Fighting Retreat on Healthcare

He's got a whole slew of posts on the Fraser Institute, in all its shenanigans, and healthcare, Canadian and American. Just in case I'm not already drowning you in this stuff on my own.

Also, Who funds the Fraser Institute?


Cliff said...

Glad you liked the posts. Your site's pretty nifty too.

hipparchia said...

thanks. it's because i steal only from the best.