Saturday, August 18, 2007

Please knock like a human. Don't break the door.

Shadow World

an introduction
a writeup in the Philadelphia Inquirer

h/t mr.fundamental, in comments


Steve Bates said...

A few years back, I read David Zucchino's The Myth of the Welfare Queen, which was a pretty good narrative intro to the KWRU. I look forward to viewing Kessler's work. Thanks for the link.

hipparchia said...

and i thank you for the book mention. i sort of knew of its existence, but didn't know the exact title.

Steve Bates said...

Watched all 21 episodes while waiting for a Ubuntu Linux system to update itself. NOW what do I do? "There but for the grace of God" doesn't cut it, does it. We don't have an El here, but we have similar scenes under freeways, bayou bridges etc. Seriously, WTF are we supposed to do?

hipparchia said...

heck, i've had them living in my back yard [i'm working on a post or two about it all].

we used to have more of them living under the overpasses here too, but the county recently started running them off. it's not a solution, none of it, and i don't have very many ideas on where to start. except maybe with universal health care, care that anybody could walk into a clinic or hospital or doctors office and get. that would be a start.