Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nothing beats curling up with a good book

This one [the same one?] made it all the way out to the living room today before succumbing to a nap attack. I dub thee Christopher [as in Coloumbus] but that's The More Than Complete Hitchhiker's Guide there, so I might have to go with a more galactic moniker.


Steve Bates said...

Emergence is certainly preferable to emergency! What a great picture!

(OT, Bryan just emailed me [Tues. night] that his connection is almost down; he's running at about 1200bps, which renders web stuff impossible. He assures us he's not ignoring us.)

hipparchia said...

i dunno... i'm feeling... ignored.


[i may have to switch to wordpress just so i can have that one smiley]

i just hope the full emergence doesn't precipitate a full emergency.

dogscratcher said...

Do the cats ever thank you for all the fish?

Anonymous said...

Cats aren't all that found of fish, preferring small rodents and birds, but will eat what's available even if it is salmon fillets. Oh, they may suck up occasionally, but they never thank you for their due.

Christopher might want to try something lighter.

hipparchia said...


you dare to doubt the salmon? last night was smoked salmon, 4 cats and the dog were putty in my hands and they're still drooling today.

tiger almost-cat definitely prefers chicken and eschewed the proceedings entirely. curmudgeon cat prefers red meat, but he didn't get to be the size of a small sofa by refusing free food.

rodents, ha. not a one of them has done a damn thing about the mice living behind the stove, beyond inviting them to partake in the feast, that is.

christopher navigated right past the paperback version of hitchhiker's guide and the hardback but lightweight version of long dark teatime of the soul. christopher has ambitions.

hipparchia said...

hey, ds!

bryan might be right about the sucking up, rather than actual thanks, but whatever it is they're doing, it's ego-gratifying enough to guarantee that i'll give them more goodies [which does leave open to interpretation just who is putty in whose paws.... ]

dogscratcher said...

Our cat does no sucking up: she announces what she wants, gives you hell until she gets it. But she does wrestle with the puppy (OK the two year old 65# dog), but it really isn't satisfying for either anymore.

hipparchia said...

the 11 year old, 50# dog here is in hog heaven. he loves playing tag with cats and now he's got a houseful of them. and all of these cats think he's just a larger and fluffier perpetual kitten [so does he].

Anonymous said...

You don't think Christopher's learning Vogon, do you?

hipparchia said...

it's a race to see which one of us can produce the worst poetry, christopher or me. i've got a head start of course, but he appears to be more studious.