Monday, August 06, 2007

Clouds over the Everglades (1950)


Keifus said...

In my mind, I don't think of 1950 as the height of ecological purity. On the contrary, the chemical revolution was flying high, and the consequences not yet public and obvious.

But it's hard to deny there was more ecology to work with. I'll take it that section of wetland is well drained by now, with a Wal Mart on top of it.

Certainly a lovely photo, though.

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hipparchia said...

it's a terrific photo.

the 1950s most definitely was not the height of ecological purity, like you say, and yes, there was more ecology to work with back then [you made me google: i got pictures].

bryony, huh? hmmm....

Keifus said...

Definitely a terrific photo. Go ahead and post more of them. In 1950, my native neck of the woods was littered with farms (that surrounded pretty nasty factories, Goodyear for one). Old landscape pictures, when I come across them, make me sad. (But I've got some remember seeing older photos of denuded tree-stumped downtowns from the nineteenth century, and it looked pretty nasty. Maybe it all works out, or it would if there was any space left.)

I came across bryony in a book once. It's an emetic, and a poison. (Maybe it grows in the everglades? Not sure.)

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hipparchia said...

we've cleaned up our act quite a bit [i've done my part!] since marjory stoneman douglas and rachel carson and the first earth day, but we've still got a long way to go.