Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just as long as they're not Pintos.

Lutz said GM and A123 hope to have the first full lithium-ion battery pack ready for testing in the Volt by mid-October and a battery ready for use in test vehicles — called mules — by the end of the year. GM plans to have batteries ready for road testing by next spring.

Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyways, the new and inproved lithium-ion batteries, and therefore the new and inproved electric cars, will be available once they figure out how to keep the batteries from exploding.


Anonymous said...

If Ford was doing it, you know there would be a fire. Between the exploding Pintos and the current cruise control switch that lights up the land, there were the Crown Vics with police packages that caught fire when you keyed the radio.

The though of an all-electric Ford does nothing good for the digestion.

hipparchia said...

it's not just ford. i had a company car, some years ago, that had a lot of problems, including the air conditioner that caught fire. twice. i asked the garage, after the newest a/c was installed, what the problem was. their answer: it's a chrysler.

if you thnk all-electric is scary, what's going to happen to us if these people get started down the road to hydrogen? i really like blowing stuff up, but not when it's my car.