Monday, July 23, 2007

CNN gets it right.

Good job on the format.
Excellent choice of viewer questions from YouTube.
Anderson Cooper for President.

Transcript of the entire thing:
Part 1
Part 2

I watched two whole hours of television in one sitting. Did you feel the earth shift on its axis?

Recap of all the videos and the candidates responses.


Steve Bates said...

Even the earth has its axis to grind?

I watched the 10-minute video clip summary on TPM. I didn't see anything to make me love any of the candidates, though there were some enjoyable moments with most of them.

I'll wager that no minds were changed in the making or viewing of this "debate" (read: two-hour multiple-candidate campaign event).

[phqudh - phuq u, Denny Hastert.]

hipparchia said...

pay up, dude. mine definitely was, and my dad too. mom isn't saying.

i haven't seen the summary clip, but i'd wager it doesn't have enough information to make [or alter] any decisions. the whole 2-hour presentation [it wasn't really a debate] didn't give me anything to make me love any of the candidates either, but it provided some insights.

Steve Bates said...

hipparchia, what forms of payment do you accept? ;-)

I would have watched the whole thing, but I was unable to reach my 80-year-old neighbor who has both CNN and a fixation on politics... Democratic, or rather, progressive politics. (Yes, of course I'm in love with her; need you ask?) What she does not have is call waiting, and her phone was busy.

There's a certain surreal flavor to doing this well over a year before the election. House races already have more-or-less continuous campaigns. The smallest campaign war chest of the Big Three (John Edwards's) already contains more money than Howard Dean had raised when he was the Democratic front-runner in 2004. And they criticized Bill Clinton for running a continuous campaign... he's a piker compared to these folks. Are we really ready for another year of this?

[khzjhzoh - I can't work this one, but I think I played a Sephardic tune with that name back in the old days...]

hipparchia said...

blog-love will be fine :P

surreal is right, especially in the money department. and i'm really looking forward to my state's renegade primary.

i don't rightly know if we can stand a whole year + of this, but i kind of like the idea. admittedly, this is a time when we need our legislators working their little fingers to the bone, doing congressional investigations, impeachment proceedings, etc, rather than out on the campaign trail shaking hands and watching youtube.

i've long felt that what we need is less government, but not smaller government. lots of departments looking our for numerous facets of our welfare, and a congress so divided that mostly it bickers about how to allocate and spend the money we have, but can't get around to making any news laws [or invading any countries].

what i'd like to see: complete repeals of the patriot act and military commissions act. also, i'm not sure what it would take to completely dismantle fisa, but i'd like to see that go too.