Thursday, July 19, 2007

Poster Boy


Michael Vick, handsome dude with cute puppy, has a reserved spot in the 10th level of Hell.

nsfw = not safe for work
nsfk = not safe for kids

update: found the photo here


Steve Bates said...

Not safe for dogs. Not safe for cocks. But especially not safe for humans who want to face themselves in the mirror and call themselves "humane." These people are beyond disgusting.

I watched one of the videos and read two of the articles; that was as much as I could take in one evening. hipparchia, I don't want to think about what it cost you emotionally just to research and prepare this post.

Neither believing in a hell nor condoning capital punishment, I can only hope these alleged "humans" spend the rest of their natural lives in jail, unable to harm any more of the world's sentient creatures. Even that would probably not suffice to stop the cruelty. But we have to start somewhere.

sydbristow said...

A thought I've had for a long time now swirling around my little head -- they pay these guys millions (say the average star-superstar, any sport, is getting at least 5 mill a year), why not use or mandate somehow some of that money to a full-time "personal" or "morals" coach or something like that. A full-time job, say salary in the hundred thousand range, just to hang with the superstar and be his/her "morals" sort of coach, keep them out of trouble, make sure they're not swindled out of their salary, that sort of thing. So granted, the overhead (travel, etc) is going to be significant, but even if it's equal to the salary, you're still at a couple hundred thousand off of a 5, 6, 8, 15, 20 million dollar contract.

I challenge anybody: cast yourself back as a 14 yr-old, think of your teammates, classmates, whatever, and project them ahead 5-10 years and with fabulous wealth, minimal education, and lots and lots of free time on their hands. This Michael Vick stuff is going to happen. (Not an excuse, just sain.) It likely happens way, way more often than we know about.

Archaeopteryx said...

In a way, it's just what we do to these people: put them in an arena, have them fight it out. They're more successful at what they do if they give in to their most violent impulses--it stands to reason that they'd be able to justify dogfighting or cockfighting. Again, no justification, just maybe a partial explanation.

But I'll never be able to look at an NFL game the same way again.

Keifus said...

Don't these guys have agents that are supposed to advise them about all this PR hooziwhatzitses? I suppose it's hard to make them listen. (I would have totally used that wealth and fame for good, Dave. Too bad it's forever moot.)

I skipped the videos. Several reports on the radio was graphic enough. Eating animals is one thing, but then there's going out of your way to be extra nasty.

qvxmga: and anyway, it vexes the gun tamga lady.

hipparchia said...

keifus: it sure does [vex her]

arch: yes, we do have a hand in making them who they are.

syd: you're absolutely right about the 14-year-olds 10 years later. i like the "hire them a morals coach" idea.

steve: that's why the links are just sprinkled around willy-nilly throughout the post. collecting them all in one place was as far as i could get. spending enough time to order was more than i could do.

back later. have art galleries to visit tonight. wine and cheese to devour. artists to rub shoulders with. another insane world, but only in a good way.

eiatrgq: aquatic atagere

Archaeopteryx said...

Stealing that picture for a blog post. Sorry, but it's just so perfect.

hipparchia said...

dude! steal this entire blog if it serves any purpose. if i were worried owning anything i put here, i'd keep it to myself.

that is a the perfect picture. if i remember where i found it, i'll let you know.

Archaeopteryx said...

If the blog serves a purpose? It's one of the best on the web.

hipparchia said...

you're a sweetheart, arch. you can steal from my blog any time.