Friday, July 20, 2007

the time is: five forty-six pm

the temperature is: one hundred five degrees

That's what the time-and-temperature announcement told me when I called. Hellish conditions notwithstanding, we went to Gallery Night anyway. Rode the air-conditioned trolley around parts of downtown and historic districts, dropped into some favorite art galleries [not all of them air-conditioned], and then ended the evening sitting in the park, drinking wine, soaking up the breeze, watching the far-off lightning, and listening to the Pensacola Youth Steel Orchestra.


Keifus said...

Hmm, it was 6:54 when I read that. Tag!

(Sounds real nice. Now to the links.)

yowphsyo: psycho? yowza!

Archaeopteryx said...

Don't get excited. Don't you know all that global warming stuff is just made up by scientists trying to get rich off grant money?

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Glad you were able to get out despite the heat. Here in Louisville a cold front has moved through and dropped the temperatures 20 or so degrees. However, it won’t last and the forecast is that we’ll return to HOT by Tuesday. Ugh!

hipparchia said...

get rich off of grant money!


gasp... snort... choke...

tee heee heeeee

[ok, i feel better now]

hipparchia said...

hey, nick! we had a brief cool spell not long ago, which was lovely but just makes it that much harder to cope when the heat comes back.

i'm pretty sure that whatever thermometer they use for that announcement gets the afternoon sun, or reflected heat from buildings and pavement, or something, because i doubt it was quite that hot.

still, it was warm-ish last night. thank goodness for the stiff breeze coming off the water. i don't see how you people who live inland survive.

hipparchia said...

these links are all much more pleasnat than the last batch, i promise.

Steve Bates said...

It sounds like a wonderful evening, heat notwithstanding. Glad you had a good time. Thanks for the links; I look forward to exploring them in a few hours.

hipparchia said...

some of the art links are worth exploring, but the downtown and historic links aren't aren't all that great. i should have tried harder on those.