Sunday, July 22, 2007

My New Love

Average Conservative [in comments].


Steve Bates said...

I love AC, too... even if s/he doesn't spell very well.

hipparchia said...


Keifus said...

You know, it's not the GM corn that scares me as the great big boogeyman here, it's the whole damn corn monoculture and corresponding corporate monopoly. Too few links in the stinkin' food chain.

Is it right to blame Monsanto for wild bee decline? Dunno. That'd take homework, and it's summer.

You're everywhere, hipparchia.

exttns: external tinnitis (what? What?!)

hipparchia said...

it's late in the game, though possibly not too late; i'm taking a break from health care and moving back to the farm bill. not that i expect to do any good here.

monoculture is a real problem. and don't worry, i'll do the homework on the bees.