Sunday, July 22, 2007

Today is the last day

to submit your question. Not that I expect CNN to pick any questions that the candidates [or CNN] might find bothersome, but all the same I'm going to be inviting myself over to someone's house tomorrow night to view the results [seeing as how I'm too cheap to buy my own TV].


Steve Bates said...

You don't own a TV? Now THAT'S commitment. I own one ancient TV that hooks up only to the DVD/VHS player (hey, I've gotta have some way to play movies, to tempt Stella to visit me), and an only slightly newer small TV with rabbit ears (no cable, no dish) for occasional news.

A very elderly neighbor... she's at least as disgusted with Bush as I am... has CNN and all the other cable news channels. I suspect we'll drop in on her tomorrow.

[bgwcxp - background: we continue with XP]

hipparchia said...

i usually drop in on my folks for political stuff, as we're all political junkies, but my dad and i usually end up, uh, talking back to the tv, um, spiritedly sometimes. mom has been known to cut off our tv viewing privileges.

Keifus said...

Well? So what was your question?

hipparchia said...

you have to ask?

actually, i didn't submit one. looks like health care questions have been covered. i didn't spend enough time looking at the submitted questions to find out if someone asked relevant ones about iraq, iran, and afghanistan.