Saturday, July 21, 2007

Not all the world is going to Hell in a handbasket


Steve Bates said...

"To Hell in a handbasket"? Looks to me more like "to sleep in a crate."

Delightful pics. I believe this is the first I've seen of them; I had no idea from your descriptions how grown-up they've become.

hipparchia said...

another esteemed doggerelist once said:
the trouble with a kitten is that
eventually it becomes a cat.

these little guys are starting to look like cats now, even if they do still act like hooligans.

Archaeopteryx said...

That "hooligan" thing will go away in about a year and a half. I hope.

Steve Bates said...

That esteemed doggerelist is my patron saint. But IMHO, St. Ogden got this one exactly backward:

No way around it...
  scratched and clawed and pounced upon and bitten:
If you'd enjoy a cat,
  you first must tolerate a kitten.

- SB the YDD

hipparchia said...

arch: i devoutly hope these hooligans have new homes long before then.

steve: god's bathroom scales indeed. and i'm a sucker for voices, so thanks for that one too. i know you were pointing me to st ogden, but that didn't keep me from devouring the rest of the page.

Steve Bates said...

Glad you liked it, hipparchia. There's plenty more where that came from; click INDEX in my top nav bar for an index of doggerel through about 2005. The page you visited has the best of my poor offerings, though.

[bagtckmi - bag taken, checks missing]

Bryan said...

They're Juvies - the worst of both worlds - the abandon of kittens with the powers of cats. At 1am it's time for the races and wrestling, and you can become the mat or a tree to be climbed for escape.

It still beats television.

hipparchia said...

actually, i'm considering the abandon of kittens with the powers of cats to be the best of both worlds.

the social dynamics have changed too. curmudgeon cat is playing with them on occasion, and has taken over their manners training from mom cat. the dog, now that he has become a 50lb cat toy, is rethinking his love of kittens.

way better than tv.