Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Goat Rope Challenge: Defining a just society

Some time back, I was perusing one of my favorite blogs, Self-Absorbed Boomer, and was directed to the Goat Rope's challenge: Define a just society.

I cottoned on to the idea right away, but it has proven more difficult than I would have thought. Having put this off long enough, I now decree that my self-imposed project for this weekend, which just happens to include Martin Luther King Jr Day, is tackling that challenge. Possibly this will take me longer than a 3-day weekend, so I leave y'all with one plank from my platform:

There should be trampolines.

[tk: hello and thanks for all the lemmings]


El Cabrero said...

What can I say? I'm totally flattered. I'm anxious to see it. I'm with you on the trampolines. I totally missed that one...

hipparchia said...

hola, cabrero!

au contraire, it is i who am honored that you stopped by here. thanks. and it's a good exercise, this challenge to define one's vision of a just society.

i liked the massed grouping that i had at first of several lemmings leaping onto several trampolines, but blogger seems to have balked at that, so i've reduced it to one image. maybe the entire sequence will run more smoothly for longer.

TenaciousK said...

Ah, but what you've done with them!

You're more than welcome, my gracious friend of the social idealist inclinations.

Wild tenacious lives.

Keifus said...

Maybe I'll think about this (today, at work, pppptt). The bullet points are, as you may imagine,
- give everyone a fair shot
- do what you want so long as it don't hurt nobody
- and (especially since we're rich) offer some livable baseline

It's libertarianism with health care. The devil's, as always, in the details though.

rnwsfkwo: work or fun, real soon now (that's me, Mr. PG-13.)

jgnnsigg: Jung's silly jinx

hipparchia said...

libertarianism with health care. a decent platform.

acwlscdw -- [something somethng something about the aclu]

xcpexvii -- excipience, part 8

Brian said...
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