Monday, January 15, 2007


time for lunch. i think i'll go to taco bell. a just society would let me stuff my arteries full of lard on occasion.


TenaciousK said...

Ugh. That is the fast food outlet I find to have the least redeeming qualities. At least McDonald's has those lovely little MSG-infused dehydrated onions they use to flavor everything.

Besides, we all need MSG, don't we? It's an essential mineral, and important for calcium metabolism, from what I recall.

Er, wait - that was magnesium. Never mind - carry on.

This one has me stumped. Perhaps a Dr. Seusslike diddy like Zax on Gax jump now on quacks, or something.

sgeaznt - what's with the damn Z's?

Some geazer, Not!

hipparchia said...

taco bell: guacamole and fiesta salsa [the chopped up tomatoes, onions, and cilantro, not that red sauce], and lots of it. i come home with a bag full of little plastic condiment contai----- oops....

note to self: petition taco bell to use recyclable condiment containers.

Claude Scales said...

My first year in New York, I roomed with a law school classmate who was engaged to a lovely woman from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. When she would come to visit, she would usually bring a large tin of Stehman's potato chips, which had a label that boasted: "Fried in real lard." Apparently they still are: go to this forum on and scroll down to the post by Oneiron339.

Claude Scales said...

Sorry, the link I put into my post above doesn't seem to work. Anyway, the post was on a thread about Pennsylvania food, and the poster listed several brands of chips, including Stehman's and Grandma Utz's, that are "all fried in lard."

TenaciousK said...

Hi Claude.

Tell our browser to find lard on the page.

lyazml: Lazymeal

hipparchia said...

lard has much more flavor, and a better texture, than shortening. it may even be marginally less bad for you than shortening. and it's using all the resources of the pig.

do they have head cheese in pennsylvania?

Keifus said...

Hey TK, did you know that human tongues have five taste receptors? Sweet, salt, bitter, sour, and, dig this, glutamate. The Japanese call it umami and it's special. It's also, I suspect, why every single time I've made homemade stock of any variety, it's tasted like anemic urine.

So I'm cool with MSG--we appear to be wired for it, and I am not intolerant. Been meaning to get a jar for the next time.

K (wejfi: we jes' fine)

TenaciousK said...


If you use bouillon to add to your stock, you can pretend you've let it reduce, and if you use the most common commercial brands, you've just added a lovely little jolt of MSG. Actually, my cheat stock consists of beef broth, bouillon, and a little browning sauce. Trick is, don't just use beef bouillon - it'll make it taste funny. Use about equal parts Chicken bouillon - makes it richer, and doesn't overpower the stock.

Makes a great base for stews, and gravy too - and it's fat free (for gravy or even sometimes stews, I add a little sugar, or sometimes a little Yoshida sauce instead).

Kitchen tip of the week.

ymvmbk: Yummy marvelous venison meat, baked.

osjrix: oswegan journies inexplicable. [ok, I think I've had about enough of this...]

hipparchia said...

mmmmmmm. venison.

the trick is to only use the word verifications that suggest something to you. using all of them just makes it too much like work.

Claude Scales said...

Do they have head cheese in Pennsylvania? Sure. Only they call it "souse".

Keifus said...

Yeah, it's more of a purist thing. I should be able to get by without the boullion, right? But anyway.

venison, yum.

head cheese? Talk about poor advertising--proudly all lips and assholes. I'd probably actually eat the stuff it was called something else. Maybe if I go to Pennsylvania, I'll make a point to get soused.

yoxnkjc: oxycontin for Jesus Christ(those holes never healed, you know)

hipparchia said...

ok, so now i know why people get soused. i didn't actually hate head cheese till somebody told me what i was eating. right in the middle of when i was eating it. not fair.

hehe. you sure it wasn't oxycontin that killed jesus christ?

vgbty --- vbiqvity [ubiquity, back in the old roman days]

bpnxtt --- bp next time