Wednesday, January 17, 2007

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Ah, a flivverous start to a touchy subject: Does Tony Snow know more about feminism than Barbara Boxer? I hate to interrupt the Goat Rope Challenge, but as an ardent feminist, I'm having trouble letting this one go by without comment. Does it look like the White House spokesman even has a clue?!

Gloria Steinem calls it:
Not to the country's most prominent feminist, Gloria Steinem, who said Snow's remark "takes your breath away."

"It had nothing to do with feminism," Steinem told The Associated Press. "It was perfectly reasonable, and it could have come from anyone a grandfather as well as a grandmother. Sen. Boxer was trying to draw a parallel" between herself and the secretary.

Senator Boxer was correct. Neither she nor Rice -- no matter how badly each of them may feel about maimed and dying soldiers and grieving families -- neither of them truly has any hostages to fortune in this war.


Keifus said...

It's funny, in a pathetic sort of way, the way feminimism gets trotted out as a last-ditch ad hominem defense. It's a tool of the right wing (didn't Rush bring us the term "feminazi"?) mainly, a half-hearted and usually ill-executed gotcha at hte proclaimed feminists on the left.

Here in teh people's republic, November's Republican gubernatorial candidate was a woman. She seemed a competent sort to be honest, but if her underfunded "get tough on everything imaginable" proposals didn't sicken me enough, her campaign was filthy. If you disagreed with her, then by golly, you were anti-feminist.

Anyway, my goal right now is to make it past the likely draft age in time.


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hipparchia said...

jeifus keifus! i'd completely forgotten your age! oh fuck. keep your head down, man.

unfortunately, feminism and anti-feminism get trotted out by all sides, which just makes it that much harder to be a feminist and still get along with people.

feminists just want to be people too. actually we already are. we just want to beat up the troglodytes who don't realize this yet.

help, i've got a blog and can't shut up! i've got more opinions than imelda had shoes, and y'all are all entitled to them. i'll be back.

whether it's the shoes or the opinions you're entitled to, i'm not sayin.

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Keifus said...

It's my belief that they'll tap the young and childless first.

Plus, I've got flat feet.


hlzqya: Holy pop quizzes, y'all.

Keifus said...

Oh shit, I meant to add that "you be a cross old hag" was hilarious.

(nipbc: Nippon, just because)