Friday, January 12, 2007

The War On Lemmings

[thanks, tk]

With his plan to surge into The Cradle of Civilization, King George is sending hundreds of Americans to their deaths, and consigning thousands more to suffering [often grievous] injuries. Not to mention the remaining 300,000,000 million of us who are sitting here in our cozy homes, far away from it all, blogging contentedly, and who are about to get shoved off the cliff. I think it's possible we've already been shoved off the cliff, and just haven't hit the rocks yet.

Let's not send any more troops to Iraq.
Let's bring home now the ones who are already over there.
Let's stand up and fight like lemmings.

thanks for the alternative lemmings


TenaciousK said...

Hipparchia: not much time tonight to put the response together that I wanted to – traveling again tomorrow. I guess saying that you, having observed this and thought about it some, aren’t really satisfied to see to your own safety, and would prefer a larger social movement, along the lines of this will have to suffice.

I think the fighting lemmings were my school mascot.

Good night – I’ll check in again when I’m able.

krouvmny [hardly fair this late]:
Kan't rounse very many. I guess.

Under June's quickening kiss, I ran.

Like a lemming.

hipparchia said...

it's a lovely response, tk, and you're a treasure.

you must also be psychic. my self-assigned blogging project for the weekend was going to be tackling the farm subsidies in greater detail. but after spending the past few days designing and printing banners for monday's martin luther king day parade, i decided i'd rather take up the goat rope challenge instead.

i thank you for the kickoff.

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