Monday, January 15, 2007


in a perfect world repair people would show up on time and no blogger would smash the thumb on one hand and burn 3 fingers on the other in the same day, but shit happens.

there's more. back later.


El Cabrero said...

Sorry about the injuries thing.

Here's another I forgot in Goat Rope: in a perfect world, bacon would have the same nutritional value as raw carrots...I forgot that one in Goat Rope.

Keifus said...

Note to self: don't use frying pan as a hammer

hipparchia said...

hola, senor! it did occur to me that in a perfect world, appliances would never break, faucets would never drip, and floors would never need replacing. i like raw carrots. if you'd said brussels sprouts, now....

damn it, keifus. couldn't you have mentioned that before i picked up the frying pan?

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