Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's the Kool-Aid, Stupid.

I haven't kept up my planned pace on my letter-writing campaign. I keep taking time out to look at some of the websites of some of the Senators.

Today I found this:
The Iraqis must pass an oil law and take other steps critical to achieving a political solution for the disputes between the Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds." [emphasis mine]

at Maria Cantwell's site.

I'll admit that when I first started reading about the Iraq oil production-sharing agreement issue, I was skeptical. Sounded like conspiracy theory material to me. Even when I first posted about PSAs recently, I wondered if I wasn't sipping on some Kool-Aid that I should be avoiding.

To be fair to Senator Cantwell, she's not the only politico I've seen quoted as saying approximately the same thing. I dunno. I think maybe the translation of that statement is:

All your oil are belong to US. We'll pull our occupation forces out of your country after you pass a law making it so.

I'm going to go drink some lavender chamomile tea now, and resume e-mailing.


daveto said...

"Over da cliff" ref from my favourite guy*!

*vexed, edgy, opinionated, judges GW uproariously -- veojgu

Keifus said...

Possibly, charitably, she means that oil revenues need to be disbursed among the various Iraqi ethnic factions, to keep the Kurds from murdering everyone else and planting a flag in Kirkuk or whatever.

It's funny (in a bitter, ironic sort of way--those aren't tears of laughter you see) how willing we (by which I mean "they") are to demand economic models in the colonies that we wouldn't in a million prescribe for the homeland.


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obfuscati said...

cross-post to your heart's content. i appreciate your asking first, though.

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obfuscati said...

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