Tuesday, January 09, 2007

PSA: It's the oil, stupid.

Prostate-specific antigen. Public service announcement. Production-sharing agreement.

Did I call it?

I did.

I think it's possible that Bush Jr really does see himself in the mold of Churchill, or Truman, or some other savior, and if he does, then he was cleverly manipulated, because I'm sure that CheneyCo are in it for the oil.

thanks be to DragonTat2 and Titan_Arum for the tip


daveto said...

I had some (tiny) thoughts on that here

vbywj - verily buy w's jewels

hipparchia said...

great minds ...

i'd even go over there and reply, but though i could read your post earlier this evening, i can't get botf to even load now. had trouble even getting into my own blogs. probably everyone else is doing like me: venting after sitting through that speech tonight.

yea, verily, if i thought that relieving bush of his jewels would help the situation, i'd be looking up a less-than-reputable veterinarian with a dart gun right now.

that's who i buy my gasoline from too. too bad your country isn't as efficient at takeovers as your oil company was.

your picture of those trees, ahem, tree-lets, sort of prompted the metaphor for my surge post. and also reminded me of my favorite bumper sticker of 2004: thanks to ivan, we'll all have firewood this winter.