Monday, January 22, 2007

Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money.

To me. I may need bailing out.

I've been agitated for too long now, and it's time to turn the tables and become an agitator myself. I'm going to start by e-mailing everybody in Congress.

I invite you to join me. Borrow my letter[s], or write your own. I've added links in the sidebar over there for writing to Congress people. If I figure out a way to make that easier, I'll fix it.

Suggestions, comments, critiques, or criticim invited, but you'll have to make them here. I've turned off comments over there. It's not like I need yet another discussion forum to keep up with, much as like all y'all.


TenaciousK said...

I just can't quite get past that whole "complicit with genocide" thing if we just bug-out.

How about suggesting an appeal for US-funded intervention by folks with more palatable (to people in Iraq, anyway) motives? A coalition of Arab states, perhaps, or maybe even the UN.

Now that we've broken the fucking country, it just strikes me as doubly egregious to pick up all our toys and go home. I'm just at a loss as to what to do next. I suspect everyone else is too.

That's where suggestions would be most helpful, I think.

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hipparchia said...

if it's a xeno-desert, can we just exit it?

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this was going to be a reply, but it got out of hand. another post coming up....

Keifus said...

When Saddam was in power, we were complicit in a genocide. We took him out of power, and have evidently made the situation much worse. Maybe I've been reading too much IOZ, but I'm not terribly sanguine about our ability to make it better.

When this thing started, I was, for the record, against it. But not as strongly against it as I am now. We've kept this place a client state and/or a whipping-dog for two decades or more, I thought. Our responsibility there is the best reason for intervention that Bush wasn't articulating.

No, that's not a suggestion of what to do, but it's indicative of where my mind sits just now.

A more interesting question for the historians is whether invasion or occupation has ever been for the good of teh occupied state. (I think in the long view, we think of the ancient empires as having spread technology and advanced civic notions, and thus for the good. Another question for the historians: just how damaging has this notion been over the centuries?)


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obfuscati said...

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heh. sanguine: having blood as the predominating humor.

if we were actually fixing what we broke, i might agree with you, but i think we're just going to keep stirring up more resentment and killing people.

also, just being pragmatic, our resources are now stretched so thin that if we get attacked over here, that whole "fighting them over there" deal becomes moot.

about that sanguine mood, i grew up watching the vietnam war on the news at suppertime every night, waiting for older cousins and friends to come home. or not.

Keifus said...

Sanguine: I just wish I used it intentionally. And in case I wasn't being clear, I didn't think it was enough to justify intervention in the first place, and I have since grown quite cynical about even our ability to meet that "responsibility." (Creates more responsibility than it can possibly cure.)

We pulled out of Vietnam before I could speak (much). Otherwise that may have dispelled whatever naivete a little earlier. No, it's not much of an excuse.


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hipparchia said...

oh, i dunno, i think your subconscious may have led you to use sanguine there on purpose....

i think you stated your position clearly enough. i think our abilities and responsibilites are both still fuzzy. and likely to stay that way.

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TenaciousK said...

Keifus: do you think allied occupation of Japan, Germany and Italy post WWII had a salutory impact? Strikes me that it did, so far as organized rebuilding is concerned.

I think we should encourage the Mafia to take over in Iraq. At least with organized crime, motivations are relatively clear-cut. And frankly, we're just not all that good at any type of coercion that doesn't involve daisy-cutter bombs (isn't that a cute name?). Iraq needs Capone.

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