Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm annoyed again.

We are entitled to everybody's analysis of the SOTU speech, and the cherry-picked snippets of it they want us to have, both in writing and in video clips, but just try finding a full transcript or full video of it on the web. They're all behind walls where you have to pay, or at least register. So much for the watchdog media.

UPDATE and correction: CNN has a transcript, but I'm still peeved; the link to it was buried in one of their stories.


daveto said...

Don't know if anybody picked up on it but Bush tried to get a new "victory" meme going thusly: We were successful in Iraq, we de-Baathified it, pacified it, gave them a constitution, a fair and open election, and a unity government, and it was good. So we won. But then the haters of freedom saw that it was good, and started a new war. (Damn it all!)

hipparchia said...

xcnwcaqc: xenophobic war on macaques
zscnm: zeus city, nm

yeah, damn those freedom-figh-----, er, freedom-haters, anyway!

i'll admit i haven't waded very far into that transcript, and i purposely avoided watching the sotu address [i made the mistake of watching the surge speech]. yous is by far the most lucid and readable of all the summaries/analyses, so i may stop at that.

hipparchia said...


yours, not yous

daveto said...

tell the truth---youse! that's what you meant. youse guys up there, that sorta thing. still think, Bush's twin (in terms of what they meant to their respective countries: this guy.

nice pic by the way, thanks.

vubdvx -- vub adub rub (vexed!)

TenaciousK said...

wmwxgtze: women waxing goats (hmmm.)

I didn't watch it either (though being far from a television didn't hurt in that regard). The man has so little credibility with me, I'm not even really interested in hearing the "party line" - not even to make fun of it. What with all the bodies, making fun of bush and co. seems wrong somehow. Some things just aren't funny. (Unless you can put a Swittersesque dark parody on it, perhaps, but he's not laughing when he does that. Or smiling.)

I'm with you on the cherry-picking, though. Whom does one trust for news, these days? I'm at a loss.

kdoiwy: keifus does it with yohimbe. [sorry keifus]

Anonymous said...

it's true: i once lived in that part of the northeast that says "youse guys" but i can promise you they never untrained me from saying "y'all." they tried valiantly, too. utter failure.

ouvqx: just because it quacks like a macaque....

Keifus said...

kaefzchs: chez Keifus (that's cleaner than my first take)

You know, I refrained from commenting earlier because I hadn't watched the damn speech, and lacked the heart to slog through a transcript either. (So perfect for a switters parody maybe.)

That they redefined the goals again is no real surprise.

tqqbvx: tenaciousk quivers with botox [you bastard!]


TenaciousK said...

One of my favorite movie moments: The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and the senator (or governor - I can't remember) singing about "dancing a little two-step." I watched it shortly after I figured out what was so vexing to me on my favorite Sunday morning news show (This week with David Brinkley, at the time): politicians were consistently answering questions, but they were persistently not answering the questions asked. They were answering the questions they wished had been asked.

Sometimes it wasn't even on the same topic.

So, they retain the illusion cooperation and openness, while mantaining control over the conversation topic. They must teach these bastards how to do this in political science classes, or something.

So, redefining goals: a venerable tactic, in which you pretend the actual outcome was the desired one. It's brilliant.

Why the press doesn't call these assholes on this shit confounds me.

xuorgyys: excellent orgies? Sheesh these word verification people have their minds in the gutter! ;-)

aiuwg: ain't it an unpleasant woebegone graphic?